Industrial Cleaning is our Business

The Real Dirtbusters are a leading provider of specialist industrial cleaning expertise to the Irish construction industry. On any given day our operatives can be found on sixty or more construction sites around Dublin and Ireland preparing newly built and renovated premises for their new occupiers.

Organisational Capabilities

We have been providing industrial cleaning services for over 15 years and our company has grown rapidly to become one of the largest independent industrial cleaning companies in the construction industry. We are particularly proud of our organisational capabilities which are fostered by a strategy of continuous improvement through on-going investment in both our human and technological capital.

Today, with over 50 full time employees we strive for customer satisfaction and professionalism in all our cleaning services. Our extensive fleet of industrial cleaning vehicles enables us locate highly trained specialist cleaning teams to multiple locations throughout Ireland.

Let Your Cleaning be Our Problem!

At The Real Dirtbusters we are clearly focused on meeting customers requirements efficiently, accurately and economically. We use a strict quality assurance program that ensures that our services are delivered effectively and reliably.

With the experience, knowledge and manpower to handle any specialist cleaning job, The Real Dirtbusters are uniquely positioned to fulfill all of your on-site cleaning requirements. Currently, The Real Dirtbusters are associated with some of the largest building projects undertaken in Ireland. Being at the forefront of the industry, we are involved with some of the most prestigious construction projects.

We are happy to provide recommendations from current clients for new customers.

We can be contacted at or by phone +353 (0)1 861 4610.