Health & Safety

Building sites and industrial premises are dangerous places and our absolute concern at all times is the safety of our staff and those around us. The Real Dirtbusters are at all times mindfull of our duty to protect our employees, the employees of others and the general public from any and all potential dangers.

We are full committed to a continuous health and safety framework that best neutralises the risk of accidents at our workplaces.
safety right now program
The Real Dirtbusters stringently complies with all Health & Safety legislation. Our employees undergo a comprehensive health and safety training program and are registered with the FAS Safe Pass programme. In addition, we have qualified cherry picker licence holders, First Aiders, Employee Safety Representatives and a designated company Health and Safety Officer.

The Real Dirtbusters Safety Programme

Our safety team completes individual Risk Assessments and Method Statements for all contracts. This enables us to identify and assess all potential risks and formulate strategies to best neutralise these risks.

dirtbsuters method statement
Risk Assessments and Method Statements are available to all clients and detail how we propose to carry out all activity while working on their sites and premises.

Detailed Safety Data Sheets for chemical use in industrial cleaning processes will also be supplied to all clients.

External Consultants

All staff safety training at the Real Dirtbusters is monitored at both monthly safety meetings and weekly site meetings. We employ external consultants to regularly apprasie our safety procedures and ensure that our health and safety program is up-to-date, comprehensive and, most importantly, effective.

Health and Safety Records

An up to date file listing all employees and their training records can be obtained on request from safety officer at the Company’s Head Office.

These records include the following information:
  • Site Safety Inductions.
  • Manual Handling Training.
  • Safe Pass Training.
  • Cherry Picker Training and Licence.
  • First Aid Training.
  • Health & Safety Training Courses.
Additional safety training as required by specific contract is undertaken by employees to meet our clients' requirements.

Each and every memeber of our cleaning crews has completed the FAS Safe Pass Safety Awareness Training Programme. This programme ensures that all construction site personnel will have a knowledge of Health and Safety, and be able to work on-site without being a risk to themselves or others.