Fire & Smoke Damage

The damage caused to any property by smoke and fire represents possibly the most daunting clean-up challenge to any homeowner. Should you suffer the misfortune of a fire at your home The Real Dirtbusters can help you return your property to its former state.

The Clean Up Challenge

The damaged caused by fire and smoke requires a prompt response. Affected areas must be treated promptly and effectively by trained professionals with specialised skills and equipment. The Real Dirtbusters have the resources to determine the optimal solution for restoring your property.

Our professional personnel will work to ensure that your loss is kept as low as possible, while the proper care and attention will minimise occupant discomfort, inconvenience and unnecessary additional costs.

Damage Casued by Flames, Heat & Smoke

Fires imit a variety of chemicals and soot which create difficult challenges for cleaning and decontamination.

The Real Dirtbusters are trained to handle a variety of damage suffered by various fire types. For instance, the product of a protein fire is a brown or yellow, very greasy residue, while a synthetic fire tends to produce a black residue that smudges very easily. Differing residues necessitate a variety of cleaning techniques to facilitate proper cleanup. As smoke tends to be caustic in nature, prompt removal is essential to minimize damage to fabrics, ferrous metals, electronic devices, chrome and painted surfaces.

Expert Damage Control Teams

Our Certified team of experts will be there to aide you throughout the restoration process. With skilled personnel and specialized equipment we can deliver the best possible cleaning and restoration results at your fire damaged home, office or industrial premises.